T-Mobile Tugs at the Heart with #homefortheholidays

I cry. I used to cry at Little House on the Prairie when I was a little girl. I get teary when the boy finally gets the girl. Tears flow at every video of a soldier coming home. Kleenex commercials cause my throat to get lumpy as well as the groom seeing the bride for the first time.

These are all reasons to get emotional, but the most emotional time of the year for me is Christmas time. I cry because I miss my mom and I cry when my kids open that gift they have been asking for for weeks. When it comes to the music I hear this time of year, Home for the Holidays is one of my favorites. So when I had the opportunity to watch this video from T-Mobile, guess what I did?

You got it. Let some salt water out.

Kudos to T-Mobile for pulling this off and tugging at my heart strings. What a beautiful rendition of Home for the Holidays while bringing women of all shapes, sizes, and races together at this most precious time of the year.

Enjoy and please feel free to re-tweet this video if it pulled at your heart strings too.

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.