Happy Birthday Juliane

 December 20, 2001

It was a snowy night (well, around 4am) in Detroit Michigan when I finally looked at this beautiful girl. She came out vulnerable but ready to take on the world.

Not much has changed.

Every intense moment was worth it when those big brown eyes looked up at me. She was beautiful. Such a cute face, perfect skin, and a head full of dark brown hair.

Ten years later and she is still worth every intense moment we have. There are not enough words to write the love a mother has for her daughter. I just hope I tell her enough. Show her enough.

Happy Birthday Jude. I love you baby girl.

I am Thankful…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today brings so many things to mind, but at the forefront is always my family. I am Thankful for…

A husband who loves me. Amos sees what I am passionate about and encourages me to pursue them. Not too many women would say their husband is their best friend, but I can. We have grown in this life and marriage together and it just keeps getting better.

My oldest daughter, who is learning the hard way, who to be friends with and who is not worth her friendship. She is doing a great job and I pray she is blessed with lifelong friendships.

My youngest daughter who just keeps trying until she makes it! When you don’t make it, cry, then get right back on that horse. It makes the win so much better:) She has been on the out and the in this year, and every situation has made her stronger and more determined.

My son who is developing strong character and learning how to be a Godly man. Being 13, he has some tough decisions ahead. I pray he does not let his friends guide his direction, but God. That he be a good example and not let others be a bad example. I hope he sees others and not just himself. And I hope he stays away from the girls, because I don’t trust them at all. {okay, that may be more of a mom thing rather than a sincere prayer}




From my Nation to yours, I wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving.

A Neglected Blog

Sure signs you have been neglecting your blog

You do a review of a Exhibit in June and your next post is another review of the same exhibit in late July.


Your page views have dropped by thousands and when you look at your Google Analytics it just looks back at you and says “You don’t want to know, dear”


You start to tell people your business url rather than your blog url because your last two posts were a month apart and all about the same thing.

Not good.

Your Google Friend Connect numbers go amazingly lower.

Sorry, people.

So where do I go from here?

So here I am. In a bit of a quandary. I am sure you have seen the online world change quite a bit this past year. Many people are coming into the blogging world with money  on the brain, and many are exiting. Their blog just ran its course or they have been so busy promoting brands, they have neglected their own blog.


I have been trying to decide what to do with this blog when my girls answered that for me.

They have been going through Humphries Nation posts. They have actually been reading each one. They click on that little “You might also like” option below and just read about their life. They have been reliving memories, learning about their mom, looking at photos, reading the funny things they have said…

It has been so fun to listen to their excitement. They laugh and giggle, some posts have made them tear up and others have encouraged them a little.

That has been my answer.

So I will keep writing. Maybe not as often as I did before, but I will keep writing. I did not start this blog for numbers, so I am not going to stress over page views and followers anymore. If brands want to keep working with me, so be it. If my numbers are not anywhere close to what they were a year ago, I am past losing sleep over it. I will write when I can and if no one reads the posts but my three kids, then I have succeeded.

Ah…the smell of dirt.

That is what I will be thinking daily for the next three months. As red dirt covers our white car, it is clear baseball and softball have officially taken over Humphries Nation.

Time to purchase a bottle of sunblock for $20 a pop. We will be buying countless water and Gatorade bottles along with the huge Sam’s container of packets of sunflower seeds. New chairs made their way into our car this year as well. Speaking of car…this is our first year with the Prius instead of our Trailblazer. Let me tell you, I would take a cramped trunk over that $85 gas purchase any day of the week (just filled it up for $33)!

A few shots from the first games…and that dirt color will be staining every piece of white clothing we have and the floor of my car as well!

The Icebreakers.

Hannah is playing Shortstop and did so good! She throws a great shot to first and she is all competition when on that field. Must get it from her dad:)


The Cowgirls.

Only in Texas would naming your softball team Cowgirls make sense! Juliane did awesome. Starting the team off with batting, she is miss no fear out there. She does not care how big you are or who you are. She is going to show you she belongs on the same field. This smile came after she made it home after a hit, and then three stolen bases to score the first run of the game.


The Rangers.

Clayboy is catching, pitching, and playing infield. In the opening game, he threw runners out trying to steal or taking a lead off. His bat was connecting, he was stealing bases, and he just kicked some tail at that catcher spot. LOVE to watch this kid play.


Well, be prepared for more stories from the field. My life will revolve around it for a while!