Olympus asks: Are You Pen Ready?

Possibly the best form of advertising for your new product is giving it away. I mean, really, who is going to say no to a giveaway? Well, someone over at Olympus is doing something right because the new Olympus PEN camera is a hit. What has made it so appealing to the consumer? Maybe something to do with the fact that they gave away over 1,000 cameras to over 1,000 people in six cities. That is correct. The PEN Project walked around town and handed out over 1,000 cameras to total strangers and they took some of the best images I have seen in a while. From retail sales to surgeons, these were everyday people taking every day images of life. Watch the video to see how it played out.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Olympus

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There are some products that I swear by. Adobe products are at the top of the list. I could not do business without them.

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Senior Photo Shoot: Chandler

Spring was that time of year when all the graduation seniors are frantically looking to have their pictures taken and finding the right graduation announcement.

I had the privilege of taking the senior portraits and creating the graduation announcement for Miss Chandler. She is a beautiful girl so catching a good shot of her smile was not going to be an issue. The wind, on the other hand, was. We had to reschedule twice to finally find a day when the wind was going to cooperate.

It was worth it. She looked amazing and the sky was clear and sun shining.


Senior Photos

We started off with some classic close ups for school and church programs. Her main request was to have photos that looked natural and not much editing as far as her look went. I think we have all seen those pictures where the face looks like they just walked out of a facelift procedure and the eyes are so white they glow in the dark…creepy. We had the idea of doing some classic Waco shots so we went to the Suspension Bridge, some older areas of town, and I wanted to take a few wheat field shots.

Graduation Announcement

When talking about the announcement with the mom, she really wanted to have one large picture on the back of the announcement and then a few different ones on the front with one main picture highlighted.

I took that and created the following for Chandler’s Graduation Announcement. The shot with Chandler holding the flowers was more of a funny moment when we took the picture but after a bit of cropping, I thought it would be a great photo for the announcement as well.




Missed Opportunities Create Sweet Moments

For the majority of the time, I have my camera with me. It sits right in my beautiful Epiphanie bag and I adore it. I keep it with me to capture moments and scenes as I come into them. Last night was one of those moments.

I had my son and oldest daughter. We were coming home and we were about to go over the lake. The sunset…perfect. This kids even noticed it. When your kids notice how pretty the sky is, it means they do not have their head zoned on their phone and THAT is a great moment.


The Problem
I had my camera. Had the perfect scene. But no place to pull over. I am on a bridge. Over a lake. On the other side of that lake is a line of trees that will block my view of that beautiful sun setting on the horizon.

My artist heart is crushed. I know I am not getting the shot and I express that to the kids. They are bummed for me as I try to find a pull off point. Since they know I am missing my shot, my daughter pulls out that phone of hers and takes a picture of the sunset while we go over the bridge. It was cute because she was so excited she was able to do it.


The Sweet Moment
My kids saw a glimpse of what I love. Art. Photography. I love capturing the moments in my life, whether it is the kids, flowers, landscape, or a perfect sunset. My daughter recognized that and gave this to me a little while after we got home.

It is so much better than having that photograph. She even thought of putting the bridge in there:)