@ScribblePress App and Creativity

My kids love to be on the computer and play games on the iPhone and iPad. The girls have such a creative mind, resulting in tablets and notebooks filled with poems and stories. So when a friend introduced me to ScribblePress and their app for our iPad, I thought it could not hurt to try it out. When I looked more into the app itself, I loved the idea of marrying my girls developing writing skills with their love for drawing.


Scribble Press for iPad makes it easy to create a book on the iPad – either write your own story or use one of over 50 story templates. From serious to seriously fun, you can make a book about any topic and instantly publish to the gallery or share with friends anywhere in the world.

Scribble Press for iPad includes:
  • An easy and fun to use book layout tool;
  • A writing template that facilitates text input in any language
  • Over 500 drawing tools, including markers and stamps in a vast array of colors
  • 50 story templates
  • A unique sticker collection
  • Your own photo library
  • Sharing tools that make it easy to show the world – or just family and friends – your great finished product!
  • PLUS, you can use Scribble Press for iPad to read books created by other kids, from all around the world!
Device Requirements
Compatible with all iPads operating iOs 5.0 or higher
20 mb


I am Thankful…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today brings so many things to mind, but at the forefront is always my family. I am Thankful for…

A husband who loves me. Amos sees what I am passionate about and encourages me to pursue them. Not too many women would say their husband is their best friend, but I can. We have grown in this life and marriage together and it just keeps getting better.

My oldest daughter, who is learning the hard way, who to be friends with and who is not worth her friendship. She is doing a great job and I pray she is blessed with lifelong friendships.

My youngest daughter who just keeps trying until she makes it! When you don’t make it, cry, then get right back on that horse. It makes the win so much better:) She has been on the out and the in this year, and every situation has made her stronger and more determined.

My son who is developing strong character and learning how to be a Godly man. Being 13, he has some tough decisions ahead. I pray he does not let his friends guide his direction, but God. That he be a good example and not let others be a bad example. I hope he sees others and not just himself. And I hope he stays away from the girls, because I don’t trust them at all. {okay, that may be more of a mom thing rather than a sincere prayer}




From my Nation to yours, I wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Mom? When are you going to make my website?



My daughter has been asking for a website for months and months (endless. months.)

She wants to start a website for several reasons:

  • mom has one.
  • dad has one.
  • mom designs websites so I also want to design websites and to do that, I need one.
Good reasons, right? I love the fact that she wants to do what I do. I can show my kids my passion and my business all in one. Not too many kids get to see their parents work, the good and bad.

She sees a place to put her writing and her thoughts. She wants to have girls comment and answer questions. She wants to do so much. My way of expressing my thoughts and creativity growing up was all done on paper (or just stayed in my head…lost). The fact that she wants this as a way to express herself and her personality thrills me. That’s why most of us started our blogs to begin with, wasn’t it? We wanted to share and leave our kids something? Who knows where this thing will go and what she will do with it.

I just dreaded designing the site:)

But here we are. Designing her website. Putting her heart and passions on screen. Here is a teaser of her logo.

The Irving Arts Center brings Genghis Khan: The Exhibition

The Irving Arts Center is featuring one of the most intriguing Exhibits this summer. I am not the history person in the family  and I am excited about this exhibit! If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth area, be sure to see…


Genghis Khan: The Exhibition invades Irving, June 1 to Sept. 30, 2011. This multi-media exhibition will feature the largest collection of artifacts from the great conqueror’s reign ever gathered in a single showing.

The exhibit of Genghis Khan walks you through his early influences, how he became one of history’s greatest conquerors, to the legacy he left on modern culture. There are hundreds of artifacts to view and it is an interactive exhibit so there are hands-on activity stations. There are kiosk’s where you can even do a role playing! What child does not enjoy pretending to be in a foreign land somewhere conquering the world?

If you are like me and need some activity ideas for the kiddos this summer, Irving Arts Center is also offering several FREE events throughout the summer, in celebration of the exhibit. From the Family Festival, Trebuchet Competition, to Family KhanDays, these events are for all age groups. Be sure to check out the dates so you can bring the family. In other words, get those kids away from that TV {and maybe yourself} and sneak a little education in this summer!

To stay up to date on all the latest exhibits and events, you can “Like” the Irving Art Center Facebook Page. You can also follow them on Twitter @IrvingArts. I will be tweeting about the exhibit as well under the awesome hashtag #GenghisDFW. You don’t follow me on Twitter? Shame on you! You can follow me @MariahHumphries



Disclosure: I was compensated for this article but review is my own opinion.