Happy Birthday Juliane

 December 20, 2001

It was a snowy night (well, around 4am) in Detroit Michigan when I finally looked at this beautiful girl. She came out vulnerable but ready to take on the world.

Not much has changed.

Every intense moment was worth it when those big brown eyes looked up at me. She was beautiful. Such a cute face, perfect skin, and a head full of dark brown hair.

Ten years later and she is still worth every intense moment we have. There are not enough words to write the love a mother has for her daughter. I just hope I tell her enough. Show her enough.

Happy Birthday Jude. I love you baby girl.

American Girl Time

What better way to start the Holiday season off than to visit AMERICAN GIRL® Dallas (or insert your nearest AMERICAN GIRL® city) and enjoy some mommy daughter time! My girls love AMERICAN GIRL® Dolls {what girls don’t}

Our AMERICAN GIRL® store in Dallas is going to have some cute events next week:

Here is the description from the website!


Molly’s Embroidered Card Craft

  • November 22: 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

  • January 28: 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Your girl can learn how to stitch a birthday cake design on an embroidery card—it’s just like the one Molly and her friend Emily would have enjoyed at their tea party in 1944.

General Information

  • Free and open to the public.
  • For girls ages 8 and up.


Stylists’ Secrets from the Doll Hair Salon

Bring her doll and discover our stylists’ secrets to pulling off a perfect ponytail wrap, double-flip twist, and other special tricks using stylists’ clips. Reservations required. For girls ages 8 and up.

Event details by store

Julie’s Embroidered Card Craft

Owls were all the rage in Julie’s generation—your girl can learn how to stitch a 1970s-inspired owl design on an embroidery card. It’s an activity Julie would have had a “hoot” doing! Free and open to the public. For girls ages 8 and up.


Mom? When are you going to make my website?



My daughter has been asking for a website for months and months (endless. months.)

She wants to start a website for several reasons:

  • mom has one.
  • dad has one.
  • mom designs websites so I also want to design websites and to do that, I need one.
Good reasons, right? I love the fact that she wants to do what I do. I can show my kids my passion and my business all in one. Not too many kids get to see their parents work, the good and bad.

She sees a place to put her writing and her thoughts. She wants to have girls comment and answer questions. She wants to do so much. My way of expressing my thoughts and creativity growing up was all done on paper (or just stayed in my head…lost). The fact that she wants this as a way to express herself and her personality thrills me. That’s why most of us started our blogs to begin with, wasn’t it? We wanted to share and leave our kids something? Who knows where this thing will go and what she will do with it.

I just dreaded designing the site:)

But here we are. Designing her website. Putting her heart and passions on screen. Here is a teaser of her logo.

Best Face::People’s Choice for February

This week’s challenge at i heart faces is to post your favorite facial shot of February.

My favorite pic of February is of the girls. They are each others best friend and I love that. It is not posed and it shows their personalities perfectly. That makes it my favorite pic of February.