@ScribblePress App and Creativity

My kids love to be on the computer and play games on the iPhone and iPad. The girls have such a creative mind, resulting in tablets and notebooks filled with poems and stories. So when a friend introduced me to ScribblePress and their app for our iPad, I thought it could not hurt to try it out. When I looked more into the app itself, I loved the idea of marrying my girls developing writing skills with their love for drawing.


Scribble Press for iPad makes it easy to create a book on the iPad – either write your own story or use one of over 50 story templates. From serious to seriously fun, you can make a book about any topic and instantly publish to the gallery or share with friends anywhere in the world.

Scribble Press for iPad includes:
  • An easy and fun to use book layout tool;
  • A writing template that facilitates text input in any language
  • Over 500 drawing tools, including markers and stamps in a vast array of colors
  • 50 story templates
  • A unique sticker collection
  • Your own photo library
  • Sharing tools that make it easy to show the world – or just family and friends – your great finished product!
  • PLUS, you can use Scribble Press for iPad to read books created by other kids, from all around the world!
Device Requirements
Compatible with all iPads operating iOs 5.0 or higher
20 mb


Business 2 Blogger:: The Best of Both Worlds

Business 2 Blogger

All the Cool Kids work with Businesses!

How many times have you asked yourself “Why does ______ get all the product reviews for her blog? How does she do it? I can do a product review just as well as she can. She’s such a loser!”

Admit it. You have said that last part several times in your mind🙂

Ever feel if companies just knew you were there, you could help them and they could help you but you never have a chance to prove it?


There is hope for all Bloggers to work with Businesses!

Thanks to Holly, Shauna, and Jay at Business 2 Blogger we all have great opportunities to build some really awesome and long lasting relationships with businesses. They bring the business opportunity (Campaign) to you via email and you then choose the best fit for you blog! It is so easy to sign up and they do all the hard work. Not convinced and too lazy to hit this link and see for yourself? Fine. Here are a few reasons I love Business 2 Blogger…

  • It’s FREE. Yup. They could take your money every month just for the opportunity to connect with companies but they don’t. That’s awesome!
  • Businesses involved are great to work with. I have connected with several and have never been disappointed.
  • You do not have to be stuck with the first Campaign you see! You get to be picky and choosy just like the BIG bloggers. It’s kind of cool actually:)
  • They keep your info private. As someone who has to delete over 50 spam emails a day, I LOVE that!

I trust Business 2 Blogger because I know these people. They are all quality and those kind of relationships mean more to me than any review opportunity than comes up. Go check them out and see for yourself!

TipJunkie to the Rescue!

Well this spunky gal may just be one of the coolest people I know. She is so full of energy and encouragement and I just adore her. AND….she now has an e-book!

If you know anything about Laurie from TipJunkie you know she is all about the promotion of others. If you are a mom-preneur, she is your go to person for all things business. I bought her new e-book and LOVE it!

It is all of those things you kind of hear/read about here and there but forget to write down and therefore forget about later:) Now you have it all in one book to reference. I am printing mine out and placing it in a TipJunkie worthy notebook and keep it by my desk!

She talks about the branding of your business to marketing. From selling products to balancing your life {that portion alone is worth the investment}.

So how much is this investment? $19.95. That’s it. For me that is two lunches. No big deal.

Just starting out and need some advice from the pros? The section “What I Wish I Would Have Known” is a priceless bit from the people who have been there and did that!

Read it and reap the benefits!!

I am so amped about this! Are you ready to take the plunge into creating the best online presence for your business or just want your blog to reach its potential? Just click below and get started!

Click to Get Started!

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Giveaway



Congrats to Shannon from Milk and Cuddles. She is a super cool lady! Go check her out:)

I got a happy in the mail the other day and I am SO excited to share it with you. It is the new automatic toilet bowl cleaner from Scrubbing Bubbles!

Why am I so happy about it?

Well. I may be odd but if there is any device that will keep me from putting on a hazmat suit and put my hand near the toilet, I am so on that!

So it came and I immediately put it in the worst room in the house…

The kids bathroom!

I obviously am not going to show you the bathroom, mainly because Scrubbing Bubbles forgot to send the person to clean the bathroom {I am sure it was a minor oversight}

The Scrubbing Bubbles® Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner provides a 360-degree clean, three times a day (no action by you required) by automatically spraying a powerful cleaner inside the toilet bowl, tackling unsightly toilet rings, lime scale and hard water marks.

I can personally vouch that this is accurate. I mean you can visually see a difference in the toilet! I haven’t had to touch the other cleaner since it was placed in there. That would be unheard of without the Auto cleaner! Trust. Me. I have three kids under 12 years of age.

So you want one now don’t you? I would too!

Well, just a note to you all. This product is only available at Amazon.com and Drugstore.com

BUT one reader can win one!!

Want to be that person? Just do the following.

MANDATORY ENTRY: Leave a comment telling me what you plan to do with the spare time you will have {since the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Toilet Cleaner is doing all the nasty work for you!}

You MUST do this entry to have the following count.

Extra Entries::

Please fill out an additional comment for each of the following you enter:

1.Follow Scrubbing Bubbles on Twitter and leave your Twitter handle in the comment.

2. Follow me on Twitter and leave your handle in a comment.

3. Tweet about this giveaway  {notice the little Tweet button at the top of the post??}

Giveaway ends on September 10th at midnight {CST}

The winner will be chosen via random number generator and notified by email. GOOD LUCK!

:::::Sorry my friends from another land, but this is open to US residents only::::::

Disclaimer: Thanks to Edelman and SC Johnson, this product Is being given to the winner free of charge in exchange for hosting this giveaway on my site. The opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.**