The Nation

The Man…


My main squeeze and leader of our little nation. Amos is a Detroit born and raised city boy who is now living in Texas, loving every minute of it.

He balances my Type A-ness, perfectionist, and overall neurotic-ness with his relaxed and easy going look at life. He can make me laugh like no other can. He is a Godly man at the center of my life. I would follow him anywhere.


The Offspring…


My little boogers! Clay (Clayboy), Juliane (Jude), and Hannah (Lala). Their actions, reactions, and general vocab keep our life from being mundane. Every thing they do is a memorable story and I use this site to document those little moments. They are my joy and I praise the Lord for the grace He has showed us.


  1. Kat
    Twitter: todayscliche

    Mariah – SOOO great to connect with you! I will definitely be following you… I share a love for the Lord as well, and it’s so great to connect with other families who share the same passion! Thanks for visiting It means so much… and, oh, sorry for the nasty pic — I couldn’t resist!! I’ll be back on your site, NO QUESTION!

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