Did Kelly Clarkson use Ozempic to lose weight?

Kelly Clarkson recently shared insights into her weight loss journey on an episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” revealing that she used medication to help her slim down, though it was not the widely speculated Ozempic. During the episode, Clarkson interviewed Whoopi Goldberg, who has also experienced significant weight loss due to a medication called Mounjaro.

A Candid Celebrity Conversation

Goldberg’s discussion about her own weight loss experience opened the door for Clarkson to discuss her health issues and the steps she has taken to address them. Kelly Clarkson explained that contrary to public assumption, she did not use Ozempic, a diabetes medication that has gained popularity for off-label weight loss among celebrities.

Instead, she opted for a different medication, which she did not name but described as helping to break down sugar, indicating her body’s inability to process sugar effectively.

The Turning Point in Clarkson’s Health Journey

Clarkson’s decision to turn to medication came after persistent encouragement from her doctor, who had been recommending it for two years due to her worsening health metrics. Clarkson admitted her hesitation due to existing thyroid problems but eventually conceded due to the severe state of her health.

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A Shocking Moment of Self-Realization

Reflecting on her weight gain, Kelly Clarkson recalled a moment of realization that came while watching a taped show for her birthday. The footage showed her at her heaviest weight of 203 pounds, and not recognizing herself, she was shocked and concerned for her health, stating she looked like she was “about to die of a heart attack.”

Despite the health risks, Clarkson affirmed that she was happy and content with her life at the time, and that the weight gain had been so gradual that neither she nor her close associates noticed the extent of it until that moment.

Embracing Change with Diet and Exercise

Clarkson also discussed her dietary changes and exercise routines that contributed to her weight loss. Diagnosed as pre-diabetic, she emphasized the importance of listening to her doctor’s advice, which she had ignored for a couple of years.

Her dietary regimen now includes a healthy mix of foods, particularly protein, which suits her well as a Texas native who enjoys meat. Additionally, she pointed out that walking in New York City, where she resides, offers a good physical workout.

This candid discussion by Clarkson sheds light not only on her personal health and wellness journey but also on the broader issues of body image and health in the public eye.

By sharing her story, Clarkson provides a perspective on weight loss that emphasizes medical and dietary solutions tailored to individual health needs and conditions, moving away from the often simplistic and one-size-fits-all approach seen in public discussions about weight loss.

Her story is a reminder of the complexities behind personal health and the importance of addressing it with a combination of medical advice, suitable medications, and lifestyle adjustments.